Indie Patterns

Toxteth-sur-Mer (Sewing Pico)

Follow my blog with Bloglovin I've taken this week as holiday from the day job, not for any particular reason but I've been getting through the Bunny Bosworth to-do list quite well and have checked off a few personal tasks too. Top of my list for today is going to B&Q to buy shed paint… Continue reading Toxteth-sur-Mer (Sewing Pico)

Indie Patterns

Urban Camouflage (The Dùn Èideann Coat)

I moved out of my city centre flat and into a little terrace just out of the centre a few months ago. The benefits are possibly too many to list here but having a bedroom with a window ranks pretty high, as does having my own outside space. And do you know comes with outside… Continue reading Urban Camouflage (The Dùn Èideann Coat)

the big four

New Look 6493 Jumpsuit

It's great when a pattern comes with a warning . Not an official warning, but a friendly neighbourhood warning from concerned Instagram citizens; THIS PATTERN IS HUGE AND SHOULD BE APPROACHED WITH CAUTION. Whenever I'm thinking about getting a pattern I like to do a sweep of Instagram to see other people's makes, get a… Continue reading New Look 6493 Jumpsuit

Indie Patterns

Rainy Days (Sewing Hove)

Was anyone else really happy when it rained today? Don't get me wrong, I've been loving the seemingly never-ending sunshine but I'm SO BORED of watering the plants in my yard. It was never so much of a problem when I lived in the flat but now I'm in the house and I actually care… Continue reading Rainy Days (Sewing Hove)

Exhibitions and Investigations

Model Image

***EXHIBITION ENDING KLAXON*** Yep, why not make this a habit too; I saw a thing, I didn't post about it, it's closing in 5 days so now I'm cramming a blog post in while I still can. The Model Image exhibit at the Lady Lever Gallery in Port Sunlight is closing on Sunday. It's another… Continue reading Model Image

Indie Patterns

Sewing Kemptown

I've had a biker jacket in my mind as a project I wanted to try for quite a while now .The designer  I used to seamstress for occasionally made them but they were always sent out to one of the other seamstresses to do so I didn't get to try my hand there. It seemed… Continue reading Sewing Kemptown

Exhibitions and Investigations

Balenciaga: Shaping Fashion (Better Late Than Never)

So apparently there are only 2 days left to see Balenciaga: Shaping Fashion at the V and A. If you're in the area (I don't suppose many/any of you live in South Ken. but you might be passing through) then it is absolutely worth the ticket price. I visited in August and hung around outside… Continue reading Balenciaga: Shaping Fashion (Better Late Than Never)

Occasion Sewing

A Me Made Holiday

Here's a fact for you; up until two and a half weeks ago  I hadn't been on a 'summer holiday' for about 13 years. I'd been on city breaks, Prague was very beautiful in the sunshine. And I'd been to New York, in February, so I definitely didn't need to think about packing suncream for… Continue reading A Me Made Holiday

Occasion Sewing

Bad at Deadlines

Since making a concerted effort to do more 'selfish sewing' and starting up my @shouldbesewing Instagram account a few months ago I've seen so many sewing challenges I've wanted to have a stab at. With all the best intentions I threw myself into 'The Big Stitch', a challenge run by the British Heart Foundation to… Continue reading Bad at Deadlines

Chit Chat

*Waltzes Back in Like Nothing’s Happened*

Well, 2 and a half years later, I'm back to blogging! New platform, new name, new focus. For any new followers I suppose I should do some introductions? I'm Natalie, I'm a designer-maker based in Liverpool, UK and for the last 6 and a half years I've been running my business Handmade by Bunny Bosworth alongside various part-time day jobs. And whilst sewing for (part of) a living is basically the dream, this year I realized that I quite like sewing not-for-a-living or, rather, for fun. So I've been finding the time to do both, and so far it seems to be working, phew!